Getting rid of dust mites without insecticide

As professional carpet cleaners in Bath & Bristol, from time to time we’re asked to deal with dust mites. Many cleaning companies attempt to generate more business by exaggerating the dangers associated with dust mites, as well as implying that they are EVERYWHERE! In this article, I’d like to rebalance the argument with a few facts…

Chemicals or water, madam?

What do carpet cleaners put into your carpet? WARNING: Secrets of the carpet cleaning trade revealed… Unusually, we had a customer cancel a job that had been booked in Bath for the end of the week. Not only did they cancel, but they cancelled with the following comment: ‘”I’ve decided to go with someone else, as

Office chair cleaning in Bristol – a professional perspective.

Office chair cleaning – a professional perspective… Often at the Spring-clean time of year, offices looking for cleaning services in Bristol and Bath get in touch. Mostly, we are called upon for our office carpet cleaning expertise but, from time to time, it’s office chair cleaning that is needed. Why get office chairs cleaned? Whether

Velvet upholstery cleaning – why call in the experts?

The mornings are finally lighter and birdsong drifts through my window as I prepare for the day. It’s starting to feel like Spring and this week provided an opportunity to reinvigorate my skills in velvet cleaning… What is velvet? The web-dictionary defines velvet as a closely woven fabric of silk, cotton, or nylon, that has

Professional carpet cleaning

Last week, Ross and I came across a tricky, heavily soiled carpet in a student rental property. It was clear from the initial survey, that the carpet would need to full spectrum of professional carpet cleaning treatments. Agitation After the initial vacuum, we laid down a hot pre-spray of a fairly strong solution from our

Bristol office carpet cleaning

Office carpet cleaning When called to survey office carpets for carpet cleaning in Bristol, a combination of factors inform how we plan a clean. Unsurprisingly, the main challenge is usually the removal of tea and coffee stains. Office carpet stains How we treat tea and coffee stains depends on many aspects: the quality of the coffee

Professional stain removal in Bath and Bristol

When carpet cleaning in Bristol and Bath, we encounter a diverse range of spots and stains. Our success in stain removal is dependent on a number of factors, in particular: The carpet type The composition of the stain The length of time the stain has dwelt within the carpet The methods used by our customers to

Professional spot and stain treatment

A significant part of our day to day carpet cleaning in Bath and Bristol is the treatment of spots and stains. A spot is an area where there has been a spillage or minor flood, whereas a stain tends to be smaller and affect the colouration of carpet fibres through dye exchange or embedding of a

Office carpet cleaning in Bath & Bristol

A professional office survey When you call Grimebusters for a quotation on an office clean in Bath/Bristol, we’ll aim to find a time that suits you to visit your premises and conduct a thorough survey of the area you need treating. The survey is important for several reasons: It ensures that the carpet cleaning quotation is